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Programme of Action

The following work program covering the period from May 21, 2001 till December 31, 2003 m, in (2/1), followed by the (2/2) cost and funding:

Programme of Action

The Council began its first meeting May 21, 2001 to form a number of committees from among its members, entrusted to each aspect of the activities of the Commission. Among them it was the Budget Committee estimated the five-year plan, which will include the work of the Commission, and ways of financing, and implementation, and evaluation of products, and it was the essence of that plan, prepare the ingredients the profession how best, the most widely accepted, and least expensive, and authorized the board members of it to connect companies consulting. The following is a summary of choosing the curriculum and how to implement it

Introduced the members of the Budget Committee and the five-year plan in the second meeting of the Council on the date of June 12, 2001 of a report indicated the difficulty of establishing any financial estimates for the budget in the absence of information related objectives to be achieved at this stage. Council has studied the two main options are:

First reliance budget prepared by budget line item of government agencies that show income and expenses without linking objectives to be achieved. And then ends with a statement by the exchange items without knowing what was to be done and whether accomplished? It is responsible for the achievement?

Second, taking the scientific method practical experimenter in similar professional bodies, which is preparing a strategic plan and mission specific goals and budgets from which the estimated annual plans. The Council reached after in-depth study to be accepted tool used to achieve goals in a faster time and at the lowest cost is (the strategic plan). Therefore, taking the second option, of putting a five-year strategy, and prepared in accordance with the scientific method practical conventional plan, yet customized to agree with the body and the environment in which it operates conditions.

The Board has adopted the approach preparation of the plan and concludes the following:

Phase I: Development of the plan preparation and adoption program.
Second phase: documenting the current situation.
Third stage: the collection of information is available and to ensure completeness.
Fourth stage: analysis of the current situation.
Phase V: selecting the message and prepare its statement.
The sixth stage: Identify the main objectives and sub.
Seventh stage: Prepare implementation strategies, annual plans and budgets.
Phase VIII: monitoring and evaluation and correction and update.
Costs and funding:

Costs consist of two main parts first permanent executive body, and the other collaborators paid or free of charge. Regarding the financing of the executive Board of Directors has studied the two options regarding the appointment of the executive branch are:

First: the appointment of an executive body fixed costs and expensive, despite the futility of his appointment in this period.

Second: that the council members work donated by the approach already mentioned administrative aided limited.

The Council has taken the second option, since the early stages of the plan are concentrated in knowing what the GCC countries, and that each member of the council knows what in his own country, and therefore it is worthwhile to take its members work directly at this stage donation, and postpone the appointment of an executive director and device management full-time to reduce the cost, by virtue of the Council's management of the work of art represents the essence of the work, and the nature of the work of the body - during that period - focused on knowing what the GCC member states of the elements of the profession, and studied, and analyzed according to the method is consistent with the Commission's work in terms of being technical requirements basically, complete in many aspects, including the introduction of the Council deems appropriate, after comparing it viable profession in advanced environments.


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