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Mission and Goals

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Body mainly led by committed and organize accounting and auditing profession in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, according to the best international standards and practices. Authority is also committed to

Work on the unification of the elements of the profession in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
Regional and international presence through cooperation with professional bodies related to the profession and international organizations.
Contribute to economic development and human resources development for the accounting and auditing profession in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Provide advisory and professional services to members
Contribute to the knowledge on the development of the accounting profession and auditing through newsletters, issuing studies and encourage research

Objectives of the Commission

The Commission aims to do everything possible to organize and develop the accounting and auditing profession in the GCC countries and to achieve coordination and integration between them and have in particular the following:


Review and development, preparation and adoption of professional standards; and in particular the accounting and auditing standards and a code of conduct and ethics, taking into account international standards and experiences of countries and professional bodies.
 Development and consolidation of the means of regulating the profession, including the proposal to amend the development and consolidation of systems and the laws and procedures have exercised a license.
 Develop the necessary rules for fellowship examination certificate and its implementation, including professional and practical and scientific aspects of the accounting and auditing profession.
 Improving professional performance and preparation and implementation of continuing education program on the level of the profession.
 Putting the right organization for the field of control of the performance of Chartered Accountants and the follow-up and evaluation of professional performance.
 Develop and promote research and studies, translation and publishing books, periodicals and bulletins related to accounting and auditing profession and related accounting thought and enrich scientifically and professionally.
 Coordination between the associations and stakeholders to develop accounting and auditing profession, accountants and practitioners working to support and develop them.
 The unification of the accounting and regulatory terms.


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